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Visual Metaphors - Premium Plan

Get INSTANT access and you will get:


  • You and me. This is where I personalize the content according to your specific needs through ZOOM One-to-One coaching sessions (up to 4 for a year subscription).

    You also get full access to me throughout the year to ask me questions whenever you need support and advice.


  • A 4 STAGES PATH that will help you to develop effective Metaphors, including:

  • + Everything about metaphors’ DNA. This is key to understand what a metaphor needs in order to be effective.

    + Re-create the right mental state to create them. You can’t create good metaphors if you approach the creative process as an adult.

    + The Disrupting Method. The techniques that interrupt what people expect and create tremendous attention in your audience.

    + The Children Method. Effective children drawing skills you used to have, but School destroyed. 

    + “What it would be” chart. A powerful method to find inspiration in aleatory paradigms.

    + Boring numbers: Making Data exciting. Applying metaphors to numbers to make people remember relations.

    + The seven commandments. 7 Magical triggers to unblock your creative blocks.

    + The anti cliché formulas: 3 key proven methods to transform clichés into unique metaphors.

  • + Selecting listening: Learn to bypass the blah-blah to map only the things that matter.


There are exercises at the end of each technique to practice and incorporate what I taught you. You share them with me and I give you personalized feedback.



Get unlimited access to bonus content focused on Metaphors:

Extra Lessons: How to play with shadows, cages, doors, gases, the 'magic triangle,' and more.

+ Interviews

+ Metaphors inspirational playlists, and much more.


PIGS means: Post It Graphic Scene and is the exclusive training course to learn to animate your graphic recordings to tell tiny stories in a post-it format.


This is your Visual Gym.
Learning just the metaphors techniques is not enough. You also need to know to think disruptively. The two weekly posts will provoke you, and you will develop your lateral creative thinking throughout the year. 


What People Are Saying:

What is the secret formula to STOP people and let them look at your images in a world where everyone is scrolling through information? The answer is simple :-) You take a course at Dario's. You learn how to get to the essence of the story and translate this in a visual that POP's. You watch some short video's full of inspiration and have loads of AHAA moments. You try some of the techniques, ask for feedback, you try again and make it your own. Dario is really fast and consistent in providing constructive feedback. When you think you've mastered it all, he comes with a question and you think…SHOOT… why didn't I think of that? The interaction with him is priceless and you learn a lot in a short period of time. There are plenty of great courses related to Visual thinking, but there is only one Dario. He makes you look at things in a different way and encourages you to be curious, to experiment and to play. He is the secret ingredient that makes these courses different than any other courses. It is one of the best investments I've done and I can totally recommend his courses.

Lai Chee Chuan

Dario's genuine, direct, and friendly teaching style makes his knowledge really shine through. Wherever you are on your visual thinking journey, Dario is your Jedi Master, helping you to become the visual thinking Jedi you've always wanted to be.

Mike Rohde

Als ich das erste Mal von Darios Kurs gehört habe, war ich sofort begeistert , weil es einfach etwas komplett anderes war: Ein Kurs, der den Fokus auf kreatives Denken legt und darauf, Zeichnungen zu schaffen, die wirklich zum Nachdenken anregen. Weg von der Icon-itis, hin zu starken Bildern und einem echten Mehrwert. Ich habe super viel gelernt, vielen Dank!

Lorna Schütte

Aprender con Dario es siempre una buenísima inversión de tiempo. Toda vez que se conversa con él se logra aprender mucho no sólo sobre Visual Thinking, sino también de Diseño y Arte en general. Dario te ayuda a tener una visión panorámica sobre lo que implica ser un Visual Thinker, así como te enseña tips que permitirán hacer de tu práctica visual algo de mucho valor para tus clientes y usuarios.

Alexandra Oporto d'Ugard

De cursus en de community 'Visual Metaphors' van Dario Paniagua heeft mij zeer geïnspireerd en uitgedaagd om op zoek te gaan naar niet-clichématige beelden. Hij laat je tijdens de cursus in korte filmpjes zien wat je kunt doen en hoe je kunt spelen met vormen en beelden. De wekelijkse inspiratiemails laten je steeds weer op een andere manier kijken. En in de community zijn veel andere creatieve deelnemers die je ondersteunen en verder brengen op je creatieve pad. Dank, Dario voor je mooie werk.

Fransien Roovers

(Translated by Google) Dario's "Visual Metaphores" course was unreservedly recommended to me by several colleagues. At first I had concerns, not because of the content (which I was immediately drawn to) but because of the language. I was worried that with my 5 years of school English and some university business English, I wouldn't be able to follow the course, especially since Dario himself is not a native speaker. The concern was unfounded in several respects: 1. Dario speaks English very well and has a very clear pronunciation that I had no trouble following him. 2. In addition, all videos have English subtitles so that you can also read the audio track. 3. You can watch the videos as often as you like. So in case I didn't understand something right away (which was rarely the case), I could always rewind and repeat it until it was all clear. After I had decided on the course and registered, my first live coaching took place right away. And what can I say: it would have been worth it for that alone! Dario is a fantastic, friendly, and funny person and, at the same time, an appreciative and empathetic coach. I took away so many suggestions and ideas from the first session alone that I only started making the videos sometime later. And that's not a problem either, because the course is designed so that you can take a year to complete it. The videos themselves are short and sweet and provide many valuable tips and tricks on the way, from run-of-the-mill icons to powerful metaphors and rich visualizations. In addition, many examples and exercises, as well as impulses and exchange on creative thinking twice a week in the Visual Metaphors Community (if you have the time and muse). The personal coaching sessions were individually tailored to my questions and needs and were great and inspiring. Long story short: Thank you, dear Dario, for this fantastic course and the wonderful coaching!

Christine Münzenmaier