Master Visual Metaphors and stop drawing the same bunch of icons that all amateur visual practitioners repeat over and over again.

People trip over your cliché driven Icons.

Learn to create METAPHORS

Invest in your Visual Thinking

Access the exclusive Learning Path course that will take you from the classic cliche icons, to creating Visual Metaphors that catch people's attention and create proper storytelling. All in 4 stages.

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Get unlimited access to a constantly growing content focused on Metaphors

Lessons, disrupting methods, interviews, metaphors inspirational playlists and much more.

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A Community 

To feel connected with other Visual Thinkers that want to learn, share, receive and give feedback about Visual Metaphors.

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Yes, it's for you

For Visual Practitioners

who don’t have time, and don’t want long overwhelming information. It’s concrete content, in bite-size pieces.

For Graphic Recorders

who want to stop doing the same maps with a bunch of icons that everybody does and nobody reads.

For Coaches

who need to improve their graphics and want to learn how to use metaphors to enlighten disruptive thinking in the groups they coach.

For all Visual Thinkers

who need to make their work stand out from the amateur crowd with twisted images and disruptive activities.

MEMBER prices

Learn to create metaphors with any of the 3 plans. Boost your learning experience adding one to one coaching sessions (Interactive Plan) or learning to animate your metaphors and visual maps (Premium Plan).



Billed €219 Annually

  • Metaphors Course
  • Metaphors Community
  • Bonuses & Resources (growing content: Interviews + extra Lessons + Inspirational playlists)
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Billed €339 Annually

  • Metaphors Course
  • Metaphors Community
  • Bonuses & Resources (growing content: interviews + extra lessons + Inspirational playlists)
  • One to One Coaching with Dario Paniagua (up to 4 for a year subscription)
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Billed €765 Annualy

  • Metaphors Course
  • Metaphors Community
  • Bonuses & Resources (growing content: interviews + extra lessons + Inspirational playlists)
  • One to One Coaching with Dario Paniagua (up to 4 for a year subscription)
  • PIGS course (Animate your Graphic Recordings with Post It Graphic Recording Scenes)
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Which Metaphor Plan is right for me?

Watch the explainer videos to know what valuable content you get on each plan.

Essential Plan:

Learn and master Metaphors

For Visual Thinkers who just want to learn all about Metaphors. Watch the video to learn more about this Annual Plan.

Yes, I only need to learn Metaphors

Interactive Plan:

Get one to one visual thinking classes and support

All the benefits included in the Essential Plan plus the access to One to One Visual Thinking coaching sessions with me, Dario Paniagua.
Watch the video for details.

Yes I want to add One-to-One classes

Premium Plan:

Learn to Animate your metaphors

Learn Metaphors, get One-to-One coaching sessions and create PIGS (Post-it-Graphicrecording Scenes animated maps). Take your graphic recording to the next level and start selling a new service to your clients. Watch the video to learn more about this Annual Plan.

Yes I want to animate my maps

What other Visual Thinkers think

Stephanie Fonteyn - Artist Content Creator

Stephanie Fonteyn

Artist | Content Creator

I signed up for the Visual Metaphors workshop and coaching to develop my visual thinking skills. Determined to learn new skills and take my digital visual communication beyond the cliché metaphors and a way to stand out in online communication using his animation technique.

Dario Paniagua's style of illustrations really resonated with me from the moment I saw his work. My mission was to upskill and learn how to incorporate PIGs into my work as a Digital Community Manager and Content Creator.

The workshop was professionally presented and structured into bite-size pieces with exercises and informative interviews to watch and experiment with. I absolutely loved the mash-up exercises. 

As for the coaching sessions. Wow, what a gift! There is nothing more valuable than insightful and constructive feedback. Dario is very generous in sharing his experience and adapting to your needs to help you grow as a visual thinker. His feedback has helped me take my work to the next level at a very fast pace. My first PiGs was a big success at work and left my client wanting more. I'm excited to create more and stretch the boundaries of this skill each and every time.

Kathleen Murphy

Kathleen Murphy

Dario Paniagua is a gifted storyteller and masterful coach.

I highly recommend Dario’s Metaphors Membership offer for anyone interested in transforming their maps from ordinary to extraordinary with the introduction of distinctive visuals designed to grab your audience’s attention.

The course content was both practical and valuable but, in my opinion, Dario’s constructive critiques and personalized feedback were priceless and an added bonus!

Deb Beckett 

Communications & Change Consultant

I’ve completely changed how I approach drawing images since I started the Visual Metaphors program. Dario’s simple, no nonsense approach to teaching has made drawing metaphors less intimidating and just downright fun. His passion for making abstract ideas understandable is obvious and inspiring.

Count on him to challenge your thinking and to fill your toolkit with amazing tips and tricks that work.

Yes, I want to be a Member