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Helping amateur scribes become Professional Visual Thinkers.

“We all can draw”, is not enough to work professionally as a graphic recorder and get paid fairly well for creating visual maps. That’s why my commitment is to help amateur scribes become professional visual thinkers, by creating premium courses that deliver the knowledge that counts.


Personalized Feedback: Coach my maps

My detailed feedback on your map will help you, give mentoring, a-ha ideas and understanding what to do to stop being an amateur scriber.


PIGS Animated Maps: Taking Graphic Recording to the Next Level.

Tiny animated storytelling that people read!. Learn this new skill and start offering a new service to clients.


FREE WEBINAR: PIGS animated maps + cheat-sheet

All the introductory information you need to know about the ultimate new graphic recording format to animate your maps.


"Dario is such a great coach, who delivers insights and knowledge in a way that makes you really go “AHA!!”. He has helped me develop my graphic recording skills immensely, during the years he has been my coach. This online course will take you step by step, from understanding how to sell this service, to how to design and develop your animated film. Highly recommended!"

Lena Pehrs
Founder of Business Design Studio Scandinavia

"Awesome explanations. Dario gives lots of resources to create animated maps and also exciting tips for effective presentations and graphic recording. Dario always tries to make you think out the box with different advises. I loved his sentence: “Don’t think literal. Think lateral”. Bottom line: this is a very good course, clear and didactic, useful for beginners and pro. Take it and enjoy!"

Adriana Fainstein
Founder & Graphic Facilitator at Ojo que Piensa

"Dario is just such a talented visual thinker. For us as management consultants, he is our coach and gives us a second opinion on our visual work, making it one extra notch better. Now, he has put a lot of know-how together in this training course, giving you a great tool for making your live scribing even more useful for your customers. Great!"

Markus Isaksson
Concept and Business Development

"I decided to take the PIGS animated maps course, because it is such a fresh, engaging and compact way to depict information. The steps are very clear and it guides you through the whole process from start to finish, providing you with everything you need to know. Not only the technical part but content wise as well. I can see the potential of these small but powerful visuals. They are fun and effective and I can't wait to make more!"

Birgit Smit
Graphic Recorder & Visual Sensemaking

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