Because knowing "We all can draw" is not enough...

The community of Visual Thinkers is growing. That’s such a good thing. It means people are connecting with a skill that we are all born with. Adults’ rules and sometimes school made us abandon that skill and we ended up by forgetting we were free and creative with visual thinking.  But knowing “We all can draw”, is not enough to work professionally as a graphic recorder ang get paid fairly well for creating visual maps.  You see around a lot of maps that look the same. With this growing market it will be very difficult to survive if we can’t produce unique and creative maps that work. 

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Dario Paniagua, Visual Scribers coach

Helping amateur scribes become professional Visual Thinkers.

For a couple of years, I see some kind of obsession about markers, ipads, and tools and less interest in the things that really matter.   That’s why my commitment is to help amateur scribes become professional Visual Thinkers, by creating premium courses that deliver the knowledge that counts: Selective listening, visual metaphors, proper layout, colors and PIGS animated maps. Topics that will give you value and help you to become a professional visual practitioner. 

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