in a one-day immersive training session
(in Italy)

Choose from the available dates:

New dates: 
- Saturday, June 29th
- Saturday, July 13th
- Saturday, August 10th
- Saturday, September 14th

Do you prefer a One-to-one training?

If you'd like private one-on-one training, please email me with a couple of Saturdays that work, and we can arrange for you to come to Italy.

Stand out from the crowd.

Discover how to create visually engaging and unique maps that set you apart from others by simplifying complex concepts instead of complicating them.

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Stop drawing the same icons! 

Transition from using repetitive cliché icons to incorporating captivating metaphors that capture your audience's attention.

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Learn how to listen.

Master the art of selective listening to understand and map the most important information, avoiding visual overload.

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Graphic Recording Mastery:

Stand Out, Engage, Storytell, and Grow

Learn Graphic Recording like a pro

Discover the graphic recording techniques to take your skills to a professional level.

Stand out from the crowd

Go from the same icons everybody does to engaging metaphors that make your recordings attention-grabbing.

Effective Storytelling

Explore the power of visual storytelling principles to create compelling and memorable visual maps that resonate with your audience.

Ongoing support and resources

Beyond the training day, gain access to a dedicated online Community, and ongoing email support. Stay connected and enhance your skills long after the training concludes.

One-day Intensive Training On-Site in Lecco, Italy


Available dates during 2024:

New Dates

- Saturday, June 29th
- Saturday, July 13th
- Saturday, August 10th
- Saturday, September 14th

During this training, you will learn:

  • Planning your graphic recording.
  • Asking the right questions to your clients before starting the recording.
  • Applying selective listening techniques to capture the core message.
  • Utilizing powerful layouts suitable for various topics.
  • Incorporating principles from Greek mythology to portray speakers effectively.
  • Learning graphical rules inspired by war propaganda, comics, photography, and art.
  • Depicting abstract concepts in a visually engaging manner.
  • Mastering the use of metaphors to enhance your recordings.
  • Overcoming creative blocks and staying inspired.
  • Delivering your final graphic recording to your clients.


     BONUS 1:
    Upon purchasing this training, you will also receive one-year access to the Visual Metaphors Community.

    *If you are already a member of the Community, you get an extra free one-to-one session with me."

    BONUS 2: 
    Ongoing support for one year. You can continue to ask me questions and receive email or WhatsApp support after the training concludes.

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