Metaphors: The Impact of Surprises

Each drawing we create is like a tiny storybook.


Every person, and every action we draw tells a story.


But what really grabs your attention is when things take an unexpected turn.


In Visual Thinking, these unexpected twists are what we call disruptions.


Imagine this: two people are talking in a drawing. It seems simple, right? But what makes it interesting is the disruption — that surprising moment that makes the story more exciting.


Disruptions in art Visual Thinking happen in different ways. It might be a surprising action, something that happens unexpectedly.


Or it could be a surprising setting, a background that's different from what you'd expect. For example, think about a scene where one person asks another for help.


The disruption isn't the request for help, but the surprising part is that the other person says no.


Disruptions aren't just about actions. The setting is important too.


Picture a place where two speech bubbles come together, making a kind of cliff. The background itself becomes a disruptor, challenging what you'd normally expect in a story.


This mix of surprising actions and settings gives a strong message within a metaphorical scene.


It goes beyond just showing a moment. It tells us something deeper about how people interact, about the challenges we face, and about stories that are waiting to be discovered.


Every stroke of the visual thinker's marker is a choice, and every disruption is a way to make the story more interesting. In this game of lines and shapes, we see that it's not just about capturing moments.


In our drawings, we tell stories — stories that make your audience think.


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