The Power of Embracing Absurdity

  The best way to unlock creativity and craft powerful metaphors is by embracing absurdity.


Consider this: Visual metaphors are rooted in the realm of the impossible. They encapsulate scenarios and elements that defy logic, inviting us to look beyond the confines of the rational world.


It's precisely this characteristic that often leaves us intrigued, capturing our attention.


Starting from a purely logical standpoint can be a stumbling block to the process.


A visual metaphor always involves impossible situations. That's why we struggle to create them if we approach them with a rational thinking.


If we begin from a logical approach, it becomes challenging to break free from conventional solutions.

A Practical Exercise: Embrace Absurdity

  1. Imagine any situation without the constraint of making perfect sense.

  2. Sketch it! (Sketchnoting your dreams can be an excellent training exercise for inspiration.)

  3. Connect your picture to a keyword or a short sentence.

The keyword or short sentence is what brings meaning to that absurdity.

Give it a try with this post's image:

What keyword or short sentence would you associate?

Whatever you come up with will give meaning to any disruptive image you create.


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