Embracing Absurdity: Unleashing Creativity Through Questions

Embrace absurdity.

How? By asking questions.


Questions are pathways that fuel our creativity.


What if our cliché became a food ingredient?


Could we consume it?


Could we use it to describe a specific dish?


Could it be how we talk about food or how food speaks to us?


Could it serve as an element for data visualization?


Every question we ask opens up a world of possibilities to explore.


Visual thinking isn't about clustering a bunch of icons together.


There needs to be intention, a message, and a context.


What keyword or short phrase could you associate with this image?


If you're interested in learning Visual Thinking through Metaphors without resorting to clichés, leave your details on my website, and I'll notify you as soon as enrollment opens.


Thank you,

Dario Paniagua
Visual Thinkers Coach


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