The Misconception of Complexity: Finding True Value


There is a false belief that complexity equals value.

We often fall into the trap of thinking that if something sounds or appears complicated, it must possess more value or seriousness.

This misconception can lead us to prioritize the wrong aspects of the message we are trying to communicate or present.

But what exactly characterizes something as complicated?

When we break it down, we identify two key variables:


*Difficulty to Understand**:

Complex topics or processes are often challenging to grasp, requiring significant effort and specialized knowledge by your audience.


**Volume of Information**:

Usually, complexity comes with an overwhelming amount of information. It's the large quantity that can make something seem more valuable, even if it's not necessarily more difficult to understand.

The critical insight here is that quantity often weighs more than difficulty in our perception of complexity.

This means that we might be overvaluing detailed or information-heavy content simply because it seems more substantial.

Understanding this distinction is crucial. It helps us focus on what truly matters: clarity, efficiency, and value.


Keep an eye out for my upcoming video series, where I will delve deeper into this concept.


Thank you.

Dario Paniagua
Visual Thinkers Coach


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