Using Negative Space for Powerful Visual Stories

Using negative space isn't just a clever way to play with shapes; it's a fantastic opportunity to tell a story.

Always keep in mind, it's not just about being creative or drawing well. It's about crafting messages that truly resonate with your audience.


A great message won't be noticed unless you capture attention with your visual thinking.


Let me share three tips to help you achieve this:


  1. Create disruption.

  2. Use that disruption to craft a compelling narrative.

  3. Intentionally leave gaps that prompt your audience to fill in the blanks.

Why is the woman breaking the glass? Why did the shattered mirror create a speech bubble? What message does this scene convey?


When your audience starts asking these questions, you've already sparked engagement and, whether clear or not, you're getting a message across.



If you're interested in mastering Visual Thinking through metaphors, without resorting to clichés, you can enroll in my Metaphors Membership.



Dario Paniagua
Visual Thinkers Coach


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