Making Clichés Interesting: Minimalist Techniques for Visual Impact

We don't need to complicate things to make a cliché interesting to observe.


While we often can transform the cliché, manipulate its shape, put things inside it, mix it with other elements, change its perspective, etc., we can also make it interesting with some minimalist actions.


I want you to note three things about this image.


1) The position:

The cliché isn't blended with the person; it's simply positioned in front of them. However, this positioning automatically groups them into one entity.


2) The interaction:

The person behind the cliché makes a movement, and the cliché is subtly modified as a result.


3) The association of shapes:

The oval cliché corresponds to the shape of the muscle. When we connect elements by color or shape, we also associate their meanings.


By the way, what is the person saying?


What is the muscle saying?

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