Unlocking Creativity: The Power of Visual Metaphors in Interpretation

Every hole, every empty space can be a shape we can play with. 

Play what? We're playing with giving it a new shape and a new meaning. 

But what's going on in this image? Everything and nothing. 

This image could be full of meaning or have absolutely no meaning at all depending on who looks at it and how they interpret it. 

When we want to anchor what we want to say, we use keywords close to an image. 

On the other hand, when we want people to assign their own meaning to an image, we don't associate any phrase or word, and what people will interpret will depend on two things: Their personal past experiences and their culture of origin. 

By the way, what keyword or short sentence would you connect to this image?

These are the types of tips and knowledge we learn in the first Membership that teaches you Visual Thinking through non-cliché metaphors. 

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