Mastering Visual Thinking: The Art of Subtraction


Visual quantity creates visual noise. It's impossible to process all the information we're exposed to today.


That's why we've become very good at filtering out what doesn't interest us.


The most important thing to learn in Visual Thinking isn't learning to draw, or having an endless library of images or icons at our disposal.


The most important thing in visual thinking is learning to subtract.


This means you don't have to add things to your knowledge.


The necessary tools to be a good visual communicator are already there by default. You used them perfectly well until you were 6 years old.


In the Metaphors course, every technique you learn is based on this principle: it doesn't matter what drawing style your metaphors have; what matters is that they contain a single, simple, disruptive element with a message.


These are just some of the many concepts you can learn in the first Membership Course that teaches Visual Thinking...

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