Maximizing Impact: Tips for Visual Storytelling in Small Spaces

There are 2 tips when dealing with small spaces


1) Use constraints to your advantage:

No matter how small the space we have to include an element, we can always tell stories.


Often, a constraint can work in our favor. In this case, the lack of space helps to add drama to the scene.


As you can see, there are actually no restrictions.


We can have very few elements and very little space, yet we can always tell a story.


2) Don't get lost in details.

There are other elements that should be included on the back of a credit card, but they don't need to be incorporated.


Stay minimalist in the number of elements you draw.


Once the object is recognizable, there's no need to keep adding things.




If you're interested in learning Visual Thinking through metaphors without resorting to clichés, you can check my website.


Thank you,

Dario Paniagua
Visual Thinkers Coach

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